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 therapy for perinatal mental health

Adele Stuckey, ATR-BC, LPC specializes in helping new mothers and women who would like to be mothers through individual art therapy and counseling sessions. Whether you’re navigating fertility issues, experiencing pregnancy for the first time, or adjusting to life with a new baby, Adele’s services are designed to help you remember that wellbeing is possible - no matter what’s going on around (or inside) you.


therapy for stress and trauma

Kathryn Harlow, LPC, ATR specializes in helping children, adolescents, and adults overcome stressful and traumatic experiences. Whether you’ve recently dealt with something traumatic, or an old trauma was triggered by a recent stressful event, Kathryn’s services can help you heal, grow, and start to feel like yourself again.


 therapy for substance abuse

Laura Miles, LPC, ATR-BC specializes in helping people, ages 16+, recover from substance abuse. Whether you’re unsure if your substance use is a problem, or you realize your alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, or opioid use has gotten out of hand, Laura can work with you to start on a path to recovery that works for you.