What ages do you work with? 

The practice provides services to individuals ages 6+

Are your services covered by insurance?

Adele Stuckey, LPC, ATR-BC is an in-network provider for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Please contact your CareFirst provider to ensure that Adele is in-network for your plan, determine your co-pay for mental health services and ask about any deductible requirements. 

Kathryn Harlow, LPC, ATR and Laura Miles, LPC, ATR-BC are currently out-of-network for all insurance companies.

At your request, your clinician will provide a receipt of services to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement after paying for sessions out of pocket. It is important that you check with your provider prior to beginning services to determine your plan’s out of network coverage. Alexandria Art Therapy cannot guarantee reimbursement. 

Some questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • What out-of-network mental health services will my plan cover?

  • What is my deductible? How much must I pay out of pocket before receiving reimbursement?

  • How many sessions per year are allowed under my out-of-network coverage?

Please note that Open Studio Art Therapy Groups are often not considered reimbursable by insurance companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

What is the difference between an art therapy session and a counseling session?

Both art therapy and counseling sessions provide the opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and feelings while working towards goals such as self-improvement, decreasing distressing symptoms, and increasing healthy coping strategies. Art therapy uses the process of making art in session as a way to communicate rather than talking throughout the entire session. Artwork made in session provides a tangible representation of your experiences that can be explored further through imagery and words.

Will I benefit from art therapy if I do not consider myself artistic or creative?

Simply put, yes. All sessions are tailored towards your needs and no artistic skill is required to participate in art therapy. The purpose of making art in session is to create imagery that will communicate your thoughts and feelings rather than creating something that looks “good.” 

What is the difference between an art therapy session and a creative arts workshop?

Art therapy sessions are ideal for someone who is interested in looking deeper into thoughts and feelings, creating a life shift, or improving mental health. Creative arts workshops are a fun, relaxing experience in which you will learn a variety of creative techniques to use for self-care and creativity. While creative arts workshops are may help to improve self-care practices and teach artistic skills that can be used for coping, they are not intended as a therapy group.

For additional questions or to schedule a consultation, please reach out.