#the100DayProject / Week 5

Week 5 began while I was soaking up the sun and mild weather on the west coast. I've noticed it can be a bit of a challenge to remember to create my art while traveling or on activity packed weekends.

I see an emerging theme! 

Making time for art can be difficult, but creating a habit can be a lovely way to incorporate creativity into your day. While on the west coast at the end of week 4 and beginning of week 5, I honored my creative practice at the beginning of each day. 

I created a morning ritual. 

I grabbed a cup of coffee and my pens and sat down for a bit of tangling. I adapted my morning ritual for the time and space I had. 

A creative ritual is anything that you can do at a certain time or moment during the day: first thing in the morning, at lunch, or at the end of the day. 

What kind of creative ritual can you add to your day?

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