Altered Book Blackout Poetry

Tutorial Tuesday Altered Book Blackout Poetry Adele Stuckey ATR

Today I share the blackout poetry technique to alter your altered book pages. All you need to complete this type of page is your book and a writing tool. As with all forms of altered book art, it can be as simple or complex as you'd like. Look for one word of inspiration or piece together several words to create your own phrase. 

Materials Needed

Altered Book

Marker, Pen, or Washi tape

altered book blackout poetry step 1

Step 1: Look for words or phrases to include in your blackout poetry

altered book blackout poetry step 2

Step 2: Block out all other words with your tool of  choice


Allow text to peek through behind marker 

Try different colors 

Use washi tape to block out text

traditional blackout poetry adele stuckey atr
washi orange blackout poetry adele stuckey atr

Adele is an Art Therapist  in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  She helps people tap into their inner artist to express themselves and tell their story. She believes that living a creative life is fundamental to a well-balanced, fulfilling life.

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