Artist Toolbox: Doodling Edition

Doodle Pens Artist Toolbox.jpeg

Truth be told, you can doodle with just about anything you find around your house. Grab the closest pen, pencil, or marker and start drawing lines and shapes. Voilá! You're doodling. 

But, when available to me, I have a set of pens that make the doodling experience extra relaxing. Below I share my favorite drawing tools from my toolbox. 

from left to right: 

  1. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point: Permanent and draws on any surface. I use Sharpies to doodle in altered books often. 
  2. Pigma Micron 01: All Micron pens are archival and permanent -- wonderful under watercolor paint. The smaller nib is great for Zentangle drawing and fine details. 
  3. Pigma Micron 05: The larger nib makes it easier to cover more space and draw thicker lines.
  4. Prismacolor Brush Tip: Permanent and archival ink from a lovely brush tip. I use this to cover large areas and create flowery, looping lines. 
  5. Sakura Pigma 05: This is a Pigma pen with a plastic nib that won't bend under added pressure and is super easy to use. 
  6. Graphite pencil: I use any pencil around the house for doodling. Lately I've been using mechanical pencils because I enjoy the consistently sharp line. 

What are your favorite pens? Share in the comment section below. 

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