100 coping skills

100 coping skills for stress or self injury

If you are using self-harm to cope or as an outlet for your feelings, you know it is difficult to replace. Coping skills are methods of dealing with stressful situations. I believe it is important to try a variety of methods because not all coping skills are beneficial to everyone. Your needs will also fluctuate with your situation. Distractions, venting emotions, and expressing energy are all ways that you can deal with a  stressful situation. 

So, I challenge you to create a list of healthy coping skills that will help in for a variety of experiences.  Below is a list of 100 I created: 

  1. Start an altered book

  2. Journal your thoughts

  3. Go for a walk

  4. Take a bath

  5. Create a collage from magazines

  6. Take three deep breaths

  7. Talk to a friend

  8. Text a friend

  9. Read 10 pages of a book

  10. Sprint or run

  11. Play with silly putty

  12. Create something with clay (model magic)

  13. Simply squeeze clay

  14. Hold something soft, like felt, in your hand

  15. Talk to a family member

  16. Scribble on a piece of paper

  17. Rip a piece of paper

  18. Stomp on the ground

  19. Yell into a pillow

  20. Create a list of 100

  21. Watch Netflix

  22. Watch a funny video

  23. Paint with watercolors

  24. Drink a cup of tea

  25. Ride your bike

  26. Step outside | Get in nature

  27. Write one neutral word 100 times

  28. Write one positive word 100 times

  29. Write how you feel on paper

  30. Create art about how you feel

  31. Try a new technique for your altered book

  32. Listen to music

  33. Write music

  34. Listen to a song that matches your mood

  35. Listen to a song that matches how you'd like to feel

  36. Create a Zentangle piece of art

  37. Teach someone else how to create a Zentangle tangle

  38. Do pushups

  39. Cry

  40. Take a nap

  41. Meditate for 1 minute

  42. Color a mandala

  43. Go to a friend's house

  44. Go somewhere public

  45. Play a computer game or video game

  46. Practice yoga: try a sun salutation

  47. Practice progressive muscle relaxation

  48. Squeeze your hands into a fist and release

  49. Clean a room

  50. Take a shower

  51. Read a magazine

  52. Sit in a sunny spot outside

  53. Start a crossword puzzle

  54. Knit

  55. Create a word collage

  56. Stretch

  57. Write a letter to someone you appreciate

  58. Write a letter to yourself

  59. Go to a movie

  60. Organize something

  61. Push a against a wall with palms flat

  62. Name 5 things you see that are blue out loud

  63. Name 4 things you hear out loud

  64. Name 3 things you smell out loud

  65. State one affirmation out loud

  66. Write one affirmation 10 times

  67. Give yourself permission to take a "worry break"

  68. Create a list of trips you would like to take

  69. Go to a museum

  70. Find a music show to attend

  71. Go to a matinee movie

  72. Try square breathing | Inhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, exhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds

  73. Get coffee or tea with a friend

  74. Go to a coffee shop on your own

  75. Light a candle

  76. Vacuum a room

  77. Create a list of 100

  78. Go to a bookstore | Find a new magazine

  79. Create a coping skills box

  80. Listen to music on pandora

  81. Create a stream of consciousness journal page

  82. Hug a friend

  83. Visit an art store and find something new to try

  84. Purchase a new coloring book

  85. Print out a free coloring page

  86. Play basketball or another sport

  87. Go on a hike

  88. Look up a new recipe and prepare it

  89. Go shopping

  90. Walk around the block

  91. Ask a friend to lunch

  92. Look at photos that make you feel comforted

  93. Watch tv

  94. Watch your favorite movie

  95. Listen to your favorite song on repeat

  96. Dance

  97. Sit with a friend

  98. Listen to a podcast

  99. Cover a large piece of paper with scribbles

  100. Close your eyes and take deep breaths

What would you include on your list of 100 coping skills?