Altered Book Fold Out Page Tutorial

Altered Book Fold Out Page Complete

Construct a fold out in your altered book for large format artwork. 

Supplies | Book, scissors, 2 pieces of card stock paper, glue stick or PVA glue

Step 1 | Measure the height of your page and trim | You will NOT reduce the width of the page until later if necessary.

Fold Out Step 2.png

Step 2 | Create a fold 1-2 inches from the edge | TIP: Use a bone folder or hard edge to help create the crease. 

Step 3 | Before gluing the 1-2 inch section to the page, check the width of your fold out. When folded, it should fit into the book without overlapping the center spine. | Trim width of the fold out if necessary. 

Step 4 | Glue the 1-2 inch section to the outside edge of the book page. 

Step 5 | Repeat on the opposite page

Step 6 | Decorate! | Optional: Add decoration to the back side of the foldout, which is visible when closed.