Cultivating your Tribe

In the world of therapy we talk about support and resources a lot— probably every session. Our (healthy) support systems remind us that we are not alone.

Support systems do NOT include:

toxic family

unsupportive friends

people who push boundaries

Using the term “tribe” to discuss your community isn’t a new thing. A tribe is a distinctive, close-knit group. You have the power to cultivate a tribe that you trust to reciprocate vulnerability, trust and authenticity. You know these people are connected with your true self.

Tribes can be made up of:

people from school

People of the same gender

People of the opposite gender

people that love making art together

people who love improv

people that love coffee

people that love noise music

people in a book club

people who play sports together

people who have corgis

people who share the same career

people who play video games together

.. the list goes on

But how do you find your tribe?

Consider what you love and value. Go to meetups, shows, book readings, art classes. Join a sports league. Cultivating your tribe can be really hard. It requires you to be vulnerable and put yourself in an uncomfortable spot. How can you motivate yourself to enter into this space? Imagine what life would feel like with intimate connections, mutual respect and shared curiosity.

A member of your tribe:

respects your boundaries


asks for support from you

adds value to your life

gets you

And even when you struggle to find your tribe, know that you are not alone.