Travel Friendly Self-Care Kit

For many the holidays means traveling. You’re (most likely) out of your comfort zone, away from your normal routines, and probably experiencing a bit of stress. Regardless of the health of your relationships, traveling can bring on stress.

Be prepared! Bring along items that elicit comfort, allow for self soothing, and simply feel good.

Today I share my travel self-care kit. Perfect for the holidays or anytime you are leaving the comfort of your own space. I carry most of these items with me daily.

  1. Notebook + Pen: for journaling, writing down ideas, making to-do lists

  2. Yogi Positive Energy Tea

  3. Here & Now Cards

  4. Chapstick

  5. Ear buds: for music + podcasts

  6. A felted stone: for something soft to ground and self-soothe

  7. Mints: for a quick sensory experience and minty freshness

  8. Zentangle supplies: to engage in mindful drawing

  9. Essential Oil Towelettes: soothing scents on the go

  10. Hand lotion: for a luxurious experience that takes seconds

  11. Lara Bars: to avoid that hangry feeling

  12. (not pictured) Sparkling water: an essential for me

  13. (not pictured) My phone: to text friends, look at comforting photos and listen to the above mentioned music + podcasts

  14. (not pictured) A small zippered bag that I carry these items in to easily transfer to whichever bag I am taking with me.

Take care of yourself this holiday season — it can be as simple as using any of these tools. Create your own toolbox and you’ll never be without your comforts.

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