Micro Self Care

I was recently reminded about the practice of what I like to call "micro self care." Micro self care is comprised of small self care activities that take such a small amount of time you can sprinkle them throughout your day. Perhaps you're already doing these things and just weren't think of them as "Self Care" with a capital "S."

After entering the world of parenthood, my self care practice has shifted. To facilitate this shift free of guilt, it was important for me to shift my perspective of what "self care" means as a parent. It's about doing things that make you feel good. That's it. Showering every day, putting on jeans, eating nutritious food, sleeping every moment I could, and lighting a candle were things that helped me stay connected in my world and take care of myself.  

And just as life shifts with each month, year, decade, so will your self care practice. 

It's about making things intentional and deliberate. Putting lotion on my hands can feel like a luxury if I am mindful during the process. How does it smell? What does it feel like? What color is the lotion container? Focusing on these senses brings you to the present moment. You are here in the now; you are safe, comfortable and focusing on YOU. 

I share a list of mini self care practices that you may already practice during any given day. Didn't think about it as self care before? Give yourself credit! Bring awareness and mindfulness to these practices and allow yourself to take care of yourself. Prioritize your mental health and notice the healing ripple effect in your life.  

  1. Pull an affirmation card from your favorite deck

  2. Tangle a Zentangle design

  3. Put on hand lotion

  4. Give yourself a quick manicure

  5. Take a shower

  6. Text a friend

  7. Drink water

  8. Get a cup of coffee or tea

  9. Step outside

  10. Take three deep breaths

  11. Look at photos that make you feel good

  12. Feel the sunshine on your face

  13. Listen to your favorite song

  14. Try out a meditation on YouTube

  15. Take a bath

  16. Repeat an affirmation out loud

  17. Watch a tv show

  18. Put your phone down for 30 minutes

  19. Make a short gratitude list

  20. Read a chapter in a book

  21. Try a new recipe

  22. Explore the magazine aisle at the bookstore

  23. Practice a yoga pose

  24. Imagine a safe place in your mind

  25. Go for a walk around the block

  26. Hug a loved one

  27. Spray lavender scent in your room

  28. Make a smoothie

  29. Burn a candle

  30. Put on a cozy outfit

  31. Look at art

  32. Go to bed early one night

  33. Journal your thoughts

  34. Put your feet on the earth

  35. Make a small piece of art

  36. Sit on the ground

  37. Wash your face

  38. Wear slippers

  39. Make a list of manifestations

  40. Window shop

  41. Make your bed

  42. Take a nap

  43. Write a small list of coping skills that work for you

  44. Sit quietly for 1 minute

  45. Chew a piece of gum

  46. Give yourself a neck massage

  47. pull an oracle card from your favorite deck

  48. Repeat the phrase "I am enough" three times

  49. Call a friend

  50. Check out more coping skills here

Having a hard time choosing a self care practice to use in the moment? I'm sharing a tutorial to create a micro self care container. Click the photo below to download the tutorial.