Seymour Project / Seymour+ Space

Since I've been back from my trip abroad, one of the first questions asked is "what was your favorite part?" Sure, the museums were fantastic and it was wonderful to see some of the most famous paintings in person; but the experience that has continued to feel the most impactful was my visit to Seymour+ Space, the physical space of Seymour Projects

[Seymour Projects] create multidisciplinary projects that motivate you to take regular breaks from technology and other outside distractions to nurture your mind, explore your subconscious and cultivate your imagination. By offering space, information and motivation to regularly explore and express your inner landscape, we help you reconnect with your intuition, overcome self-doubt, gain confidence and pursue your own creative instincts.

Upon entering the space, we met the founder of Seymour Projects Melissa Unger. After introducing us to Seymour+ Space, she invited us to tuck all our belongings away. That's right, phones too. 

Each of the 5 spaces were created with such a great amount of intention. The environment gave me permission to shift my focus to the here-and-now by removing the distraction of technology, social media, and notifications. Practicing mindfulness, noticing every element in my environment, was easy. 

Each environment included a writing prompt and materials to jot down ideas. I allowed all of my thoughts to flow onto the paper. While writing, the phrase "Slow Down" emerged. Slow down to notice what is around you. Slow down to embrace this moment. Slow down to listen. 

Which leads me to ask ... 

How can you slow down in your life? Try on a few of these practices:  


Choose a time during the day to set your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent. Remove the constant distraction of technology and social media. 


Engage in a bit of creativity for 5-10 minutes. Make a Zentangle inspired piece of art or doodle with a pen. Pick up your favorite art material or try something new. 


Whatever moment you are in right now; press pause. Notice your environment. What do you hear? What do you smell? What is the temperature of the air? What's on your mind? It can be so easy to fly through the day. Create a moment of intentional focus in your day by noticing your environment. 

How else do you slow down in your day? 

You can read more about Seymour+ Space and see photos here